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the first private farmer of dates in Tunisia, has definitely been one of the exporting leaders since 2000.

HAIFA DATES is a company which starts from one of the most significant palm groves of the Tunisian Sahara: the oasis of kebili, a very rich soil in the heart of Djérid with its divine Deglet Nour which enjoys a distinctive savor of nectar and a unique taste thanks to its closeness to the generous Chott El Djérid. It is there where Mr. Mohamed Boujbel devoted himself, since the 19th century, to growing so many varieties of dates aged a thousand years, proper to the area and whose appearance, taste, perfume and quality are absolutely unique, ranking them today among the best varieties of dates in the world.

In addition, HAIFA DATES has successfully combined traditions to modernity through up-to-date equipment. Dates are, therefore, picked up at the right time of maturity, they are treated with insecticides then washed and pasteurized before being packed and finally stored in cold rooms until their consignment.
HAIFA DATES has made a name thanks to the rigor and hard line the company has taken at work throughout the production distribution process guaranteeing an exceptional quality of products.

In addition, HAIFA DATES has succeeded in sensitizing and involving the small and average producers of dates in the quality process so as to bring the production environment to perfection.

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HAIFA DATES has taken advantage from the substantial strategic position of Tunisia in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea (near Europe and close to the East) to export its products towards all the countries of the world, under the trademarks SULTANA and HAIFA.